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Hello my lovelies, I hope your all as well as can be. 

Today I’m doing the “Would You Rather – Christmas Edition Challenge” and I’m pretty excited to get into it. 

I remember when I was younger i use to always play this game at sleepovers with my friends and then as I got older we use to always play this at gatherings – its absolutely hilarious. It’s a brilliant way to find out some very interesting things about the people around you that you didn’t already know (always a perk haha). So when I saw there was a Christmas edition, I just had to take part! 

I’m not actually doing this with any of my friends today so all these answers are my own. Anyway, here we go; 

Would You Rather…

Q1) would you rather: have to loudly sing the chorus of “Jingle Bells” every time you walk into a room for a week OR have to wear a Santa suit to school everyday for a week? 

A1) ahh this is a hard one, I’d have to take the option of wearing the Santa suit. I haven’t got the confidence to sing “Jingle Bells” and I’m saving people’s ears as I’m an awful singer anyway let alone singing it loudly haha. 

Q2) would you rather: make presents for your family instead of buying them OR make ornaments for your Christmas tree instead of buying them? 

A2) 100% make the ornaments for the tree as it’s much quicker and easier as I honestly wouldn’t have a clue where to start with making presents for my family! 

Q3) would you rather: not celebrate Christmas at all this year OR not celebrate your birthday this year? 

A3) ooooo this one took me back a bit but I think I’d rather not celebrate my birthday. I love absolutely everything about Christmas; the lead up, the time spent with loved ones and Christmas Day itself. My birthday is absolutely amazing too but I think I’d rather celebrate Christmas. 

Q4) would you rather: have frosty the snowman as your friend OR rudolf the red nose reindeer as a friend? 

A4) I defiantly would say Rudolf. He can fly therefore we can go on some incredible adventures, he’s clumsy and hilarious so I think we’d get on amazingly well. 

Q5) would you rather: have mistletoe hanging in your bedroom door way OR have a large, decorated Christmas tree in your bedroom doorway? 

A5) as much as I love Christmas trees, a rather large one in my doorway wouldn’t work as I wouldn’t be able to get out so mistletoe is definitely the better option. 

Q6) would you rather: have Christmas tree tinsel for hair OR fingers nail which light up like Christmas tree lights?

A6)  this is such a strange question but if I had to chose one I’d have the light up nails I think. Much more suitable for me than tinsel hair. 

Q7) would you rather: be at home on Christmas and get lots of presents OR go to Disney land for Christmas but not buy any presents? 

A7) I’d go to Disney Land. It’s not about buying presents it’s about the memories made and the fun you have. Plus you can take photos of the presents you were going to buy haha.

Q8) would you rather: eat your cereal with eggnog instead of milk OR eat a candy cane sandwich? 

A8) erm I’d rather not have any but I hate candy canes so I’d have to go for the cereal. plus I’ve never had eggnog so it’s always worth trying! 

Q9) would you rather: live in a giant ginger bread house OR ride on the polar express? 

A9) well as much as I love the smell of gingerbread houses I think I’d get sick of the smell after a while therefore I’d ride the polar express. I love a good adventure. 

Q10) would you rather: be allowed to only eat fruitcake for two days OR be allowed to eat candy canes for two days? 

A10) the thought of eating them both for two days makes me want to vomit as I absolutely hate them both but if I had to go more towards one it would have to be the candy canes. I find fruit cake very dry and sticks to the roof of my mouth whereas candy canes are quick and easy to eat so least the flavour doesn’t linger. 

Q11) would you rather: write a five paragraph essay about the meaning of Christmas OR solve a page of Christmas themed maths equations? 

A11) I actually went to a church primary school so I know the true meaning of Christmas off by heart therefore the five paragraph essay will be pretty straight forward to do. I don’t mind maths but it certainly depends what type so I’d go with the first option! 

Q12) would you rather: have a nose that glows like rudolfs OR have pointy ears like the elfs? 

A12) Id have pointy ears! I don’t like drawing attention to my nose as I’m not keen on it whereas my ears I don’t mind which is why there covered in piercings so I’d happily be a cute little elf. 

Q13) would you rather: visit the North Pole OR visit Bethlehem? 

A13) I’ve always wanted to visit the North Pole so I’d defiantly go there. 

Q14) would you rather: receive socks for Christmas OR receive a dictionary for Christmas? 

A14) without a doubt a pair of brand new socks. I ask for them every year as I always seem to loose mine haha. Plus I absolutely hate reading so the dictionary wouldn’t be used unless it was needed for an exam etc. 

Q15) would you rather: be given £100 for Christmas to buy yourself some things OR be given £1000 before Christmas to use to buy other people gifts? 

A15) be given the £1000 to buy others presents, my loved ones deserve the world and if I can buy them nice presents at Christmas time then that’s what I’d rather do. They deserve everything! 

Q16) would you rather: get many small presents for Christmas OR get one big present for Christmas? 

A16) i think it totally depends on what present your asking for but I do think I’d personally prefer to receive lots of small presents. 

Q17) would you rather: have a job wrapping presents in the mall OR have the job of taking pictures of young children sitting on santas lap? 

A17) the one thing I dislike about Christmas is wrapping presents, it causes me so much stress and my pain levels go through the roof so I’d defiantly say taking photos. I love taking photos and knowing it will give the parents/children something to remember in the years to come makes it even better. 

Q18) would you rather: be one of santa’s elfs OR be one of santas reindeers? 

A18) be a reindeer, they adventure everywhere in one night which is something I’d absolutely love to experience. I bet it’s an unforgettable ride. 

Q19) would you rather: see the nutcracker OR dance in the nut cracker? 

A19) I think I’d rather see the nutcracker as I’m in a wheelchair so it’s pretty hard to dance haha. 

Q20) would you rather: spend a day watching Christmas videos OR spend the day Christmas shopping in the mall? 

A20) when it’s December the malls are an absolute nightmare for me in a wheelchair so I tend to stay well clear until at least the end of January so I enjoy watching Christmas videos much more. Being in the comfort of my own home is what I love. 

And that’s it for my Would You Rather post. Some of those questions were so hard to answer so I hope you find my answers okay. I really enjoyed telling you what I’d prefer to do as I feel it helps you all get to know me that little bit better. 

I really hope you enjoy today’s post. if you’d like to do this yourself then I’d highly recommend you go to the website I’ve linked below as this is were I found these amazing questions: 

Christmas Would You Rather Questions

Or comment your answers down below, I’d love to compare answers with you! 

Sending you all tons of love as always, 

Elle xo 

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