BLOGMAS, Traditional Christmas Top! 

Hello lovelies, 

One of my favourite things about December is seeing people walking around or on social media wearing the most out there, crazy and hilarious Christmas jumpers. It never fails to put a smile on my face! I always wonder to myself who ever came up with the idea for Christmas jumpers as I’d happily shake their hand if I knew who they were and thank them for bringing such joy to the festive season. 

Myself and my family have never been one for buying christmas jumpers to wear during December or on Christmas Day, I’m not sure why but it’s never been a tradition of ours but this year we’ve opted to do so and I’m really glad we have. 

Because of my illnesses, my body doesn’t regulate my temperature like other peoples do therefore I tend to go from one extreme to the other. I’m either boiling hot or freezing cold, there’s no in between. the one temperature I seem to stay at more than the other though – is boiling hot, which is my biggest hate. To cut a long story short, because of always being boiling hot, very rarely am I able to wear jumpers. which means Christmas jumpers are certainly a no go for me as they genuinely make me feel like I’m being suffocated in my own body heat therefore this year my mum decided to buy us Christmas t-shirts for Christmas Day instead. 

If anyone knows me personally, they’ll know I have an undying love for British BullDogs. they are possibly the cutest things on earth (apart from my gypsy of course) and they just make me so happy whenever I see one so when my mum pulled out my T-shirt, I fell in love straight away. Our t-shirts aren’t out there, crazy or ridiculously funny as it’s very rare you can find them kind of ones in my size (thanks to my steroids, treatment, illnesses and water retention) but they are just as good in my opinion.  

Yes that’s right, you guess it, it’s a British BullDog Christmas t-shirt and it’s wearing a Christmas hat! Now, how can you not just love this top? I think it’s perfect for any bulldog lovers out there and those who don’t want a vibrant  christmas t-shirt but do want something during the festive season. Plus, it’s just too perfect to turn your head from. 

Myself, my mum & dad have all got one of these t-shirts for Christmas Day and I’ll be sure to snap a few photos of us wearing them to show you guys but for now, I’ll just show you myself wearing mine! 

For anyone wondering where my mum got these, they’re from-,size:1XL48/50

I’m going to keep this short and sweet today, I really hope you enjoyed today’s post and any bulldog lovers out there appreciate this t-shirt as much as me. 

I cannot believe there’s only 5 more #blogmas posts left, it’s gone flown by this month but I really hope your enjoying them as much as I am writing them. 

Sending you all tons of love as always,

Elle xo 

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