BLOGMAS, Christmassy Day Out! 

Hello my lovelies, 

Christmas is all about embracing the festive season and making the most of it which is one thing I try to do every year whenever I can. So many amazing things happen during Christmas/winter, so many destinations go above and beyond to make December rememberable for everyone and personally I just love the whole atmosphere of being in a Christmassy place surrounded by the joy of families. 

During November, myself and my mum noticed this event keep popping up all over our facebook timelines. It was being advertised everywhere to open on the 3rd of December to the public so we decided that we wanted to as soon as we could. The place is called “Horsham Christmas Fantasia” and we thought it was best to visit earlier on in the month so it wouldn’t be too crowded for me as;

being in a wheelchair + crowds = an absolute nightmare! 

Now this place was all over social media hyping up saying it was the next closest thing to “winter wonderland” which I went too a couple of years ago and it was just magical which is why I was so desperate to go as I knew if it was anything like winter wonderland, it would be amazing. 

Unfortunately upon arriving we soon noticed it wasn’t anything like winter wonderland, it wasn’t what I’d call “magical” but despite that it was still a lovely place to visit to get yourself into the Christmas spirit. I’d defiantly say it’s very suitable for all age ranges especially the younger children as there’s a variety of things for them to enjoy. 

There’s stalls filled with the most beautifully crafted Christmas decor you’ve ever seen. with rows upon rows of ball balls, nutcrackers and hand crafted wooden 3D ornaments of snowmen and reindeers. 

The mouth watering smell of the finely baked waffles and pancakes hit you as soon as you take a step into this place, there’s stalls filled with food which you can’t turn down. With a source in every flavour, a topping of your choice and a taste you can’t beat, you’ll certainly enjoy the food choices. 

With the stalls, hidden away is santas grotto. I must admit I was surprised at how hidden away it was as I’d never seen a grotto done like this before but despite that, it was beautifully decorated outside and very photographic I must admit. 

As you continue to walk throughout the grounds, you come to a fair ground with a few rides perfect for young children who are little dare devils. you also come to a huge hut which is a beautifully decorated cafe with an ice rink attached. The ice rink was absolutely heaving with people skating, professionals taking photos of the families enjoying their time and the cafe was filled with the overwhelming smell of hot chocolate and marshmallows. 

There’s no denying that this place was beautifully decorated, it will certainly look ten times better during the evening when it’s all lit up but I wouldn’t say it’s quite what I expected. 

I would recommend going especially if you enjoy everything about Christmas, it may not be winter wonderland but it’s worth checking out. The entry is free too and everything inside was reasonably priced, what you’d expect for a place like this.

I really hope you enjoyed today’s post!
Sending tons of love to you all as always, 

Elle xo 

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