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Hello my lovelies,

Now let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good Christmas film to snuggle down to on a cold day surrounded by hot drinks, blankets and the ones you love most? Well I certainly do anyway. 

The most exciting feeling is when you go onto your TV Guide and see the Christmas channel has been put back on meaning every single day your house is filled with the festive spirit and the Christmas classics are playing. It’s my idea of heaven I must admit! 

I thought what better time than now to share some of my favourite Christmas classics with you, so here we go; 

  • “The Snowman” this is a film my dad and I have watched every single year without fail since I can remember. It’s his all time favourite movie along with the main song featured in it. It’s a oldie but a goodie! 
  •  “Elf” now this is a brilliant film if your looking for a Christmas comedy. I was only introduced to this about 4 years ago by my best friend whose literally obsessed with it. I’d heard of it but the reviews on it weren’t the best so when she made me watch it I was pleasantly surprised with how amazing the film was. I’d highly recommend this just for the laughs! 
  • ” The Santa Clause” one of my all time favourite Christmas films. It’s been one of my favourites since I can remember. It’s a classic comedy and never fails to put me into the Christmas spirit despite the fact he stepped into Santa’s shoes by accident and wasn’t happy about it! 
  • “The Nativity” one of the worlds best selling children’s Christmas films. Let’s just say filming his classes nativity play went a little crazy. It’s another classic comedy (you may notice a pattern here) which has had the world in stitches. It really takes me back to the days when I was a child doing nativity plays with my friends. Brings back so many memories!
  • “Home Alone” now who doesn’t love this Christmas classic? It’s been around for years so it’s undoubtably one of the most watched box sets going. The storylines throughout each film are equally as hilarious as one another and certainly enjoyable to watch. 
  • “Fred Clause” that was written by the director of ‘meet the parents’ which you know just from that – it would be a good film. It’s all about when two brothers come together to make Christmas happen. It’s another brilliant film which has comedy in toe. 
  • “Love Actually” this is the most famous Christmas romance movie which stole the hearts of all women (and men of course) around the world. This film honestly melted my heart into a thousand pieces and even made me shed a tear. I’d highly recommend this film if your a romance lover or want a classic Christmas film to watch! 

I also wanted to add in a couple of episodes I absolutely love at Christmas; 

  • “Catherine Tates Gran’s Christmas Carol!” Catherine Tate is one of my favourite all time actors/comedians. She has me continuously crying with laughter but I especially love “Catherine Tates Nan” and the Christmas special episode. This is an episode that contains swearing that could be offensive to some but to me it’s what makes Catherine Tates Nan who she is and personally I wouldn’t have her any other way. If your looking for something this Christmas that will have you in fits of laughter, I’d highly recommend this episode.

  •  ” The Gavin & Stacey Christmas Episode” now this is a series that took over everyone’s lives. I don’t know one person who doesn’t love Gavin and Stacey. To me, you cannot beat their Christmas episode. This really does get you into the festive spirit, has you in fits of laughter and honestly brightens your day. Each actor is hilarious in their own way. I love the fact it’s written by James Corden and Ruth Jones (Smithy & Nessa) themselves as you can tell it’s so personally written on experiences of their own. I’d highly recommend to everyone!

Do you have a favourite Christmas movie or episode you watch during the month of December? If so do let me know in the comments what you’d recommend me to watch and what you love! 

I really hope you enjoyed today’s post, Christmas movies are the best kind of movies!

Sending you all tons of love,

Elle xo 

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