Anne’s Well Park Adventures

Hello lovelies,

Throughout my life I’ve always had an amazing bond with both my parents in totally different ways but since being ill I feel our bond has only grown stronger. I spend everyday with them both and I’m lucky enough to have them both still happily married and living together with me. Although, being a typical girl I do have a lot more in common with my mum, there is one thing which I do share with my dad and that’s our love for photography. 

Photography is very much like art, you can allow your emotions to flow through the photos you take and its something that your personality can jump out of. 

My love for photography has defiantly only become something since being refined to a wheelchair, I see the world in a new light and I realise everything around me has a meaning and some form of beauty to it. 

So any spare days both of us get, we like to go out and spend quality time capturing images of the world around us. Last week we decided to go to Anne’s Well Park to venture round. It’s a park which both my parents have known and liked since a very young age so it was nice to hear the memories they shared in this park and hear the changes that have happened over the years. It was a little disappointing with how over grown it is but that aside, it’s a beautiful park filled with blossoming flowers and wild life. 

To begin with we actually got lost so we went around a few streets looking for the park and ended up finding a road full of beautiful buildings. Their detail is what caught my eye, wether it was the actual building structure or the gates on the outside each place made me feel like I was in a movie. 

 After asking god knows how many people, we finally found it. Anne’s Well Park seems to have many different parts within it. A tennis & bowls court, a park, then a hidden garden and woodland. That’s where we spent the majority of the time. We pictured the most beautiful flowers which fortunately were starting to bloom, some wildlife and the parks surroundings. 

The secret garden was unbelievably beautiful, you had to walk through a archway to get to the main part which was surrounded by brightly colour flowers. in the middle was a couple having a rather glam photo shoot which I thought in itself made the garden that bit more special. One thing which caught my eye was this tall brick tube with a bird house sitting on top, it was way out of people’s reach and looked like a proper house for humans but smaller. I decided to take a picture from way back but when zooming in to look closer for details I noticed a pigeon sitting on one of the ledges fast asleep. This one little pigeon sitting on a ledge gave the whole park a warming feeling.

Unfortunately we did end up leaving early as the weather wasn’t on our side. It came over very cold and the rain began to pour, nevertheless this didn’t ruin our day out. days like these make me appreciate how amazing my dad has been with me and how incredibly lucky I am to have him. Our bond grows stronger as the days pass by and the fact we share something in common makes our days out that bit more special. 

I hope you enjoyed my pictures I took whilst out. Let me know if there’s any particular places you’d suggest for photography or would like me to do a blog post on. 

I really hope your all well!

Tons of love as always,

Elle xo


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