“What I Brought On My Holiday” Haul! 

Hey lovelies,

For today’s post I thought I’d do a “what I brought on my holiday” haul. Throughout my holiday I did go a little crazy and brought a fair few things but who doesn’t? Hehe!
Although, before I start this haul, I just want to say I honestly had the most amazing holiday away in Benidorm spending quality time with my gorgeous family. It was so nice to get some well needed (literally as I’m on supplements haha) vitamin D back into my body, getting a cheeky tan, spending time away from the hospitals and escaping everything that’s going on for me at the moment being able to relax. The whole time we was there the weather was well in its 40’s meaning the majority of the holiday was spent around the pools and in them which I’ve dreamt about for the last three years! Funnily enough the hotel we stayed in is the hotel the hit TV reality show Benidorm is filmed in and during the time we was there they had sectioned off a part of one of our pools and were filming so we could be in the background! But I want to take a moment to say a massive thank you to all the people who made this happen for me, I couldn’t begin to explain how much I appreciate everything you’ve done as it honestly means the world. The amount of time, effort, generosity, kindness, love and support you’ve given me has touched my heart and I’m so grateful for everything. Especially to escape reality for a week and be able to relax properly without the worry of hospital appointments or them ringing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

i wasn’t 100% sure how to arrange this so I’ve just done it in sections; makeup, perfume and other bits which also includes any duty free items I brought, as I thought this was the easiest way! 

Now let’s get started; 

MAKEUP. My obsession & passion- 

Firstly I went into Duty Free which I was crazily excited to go into at Gatwick and once in the plane we looked through the Love To Shop magazine which is also duty free. So here’s some of the things I’ve brought: 

  • Benefit Hoola Bronzer, Matte Bronzing Powder which is an item I’ve been wanting to get for absolute ages so I was super excited to get this! 
  • Mac Frost Lipstick in the colour Plum Dandy which is a beautiful metallic lipstick. 
  • L’Oréal Paris, La Palette Nude by Colour Riche, this is a gorgeous palette with 10 eye shadows in beige shades. 
  • Benefit Do The Hoola, Beyond Bronze Kit For Complexion, Lips & Eyes. Which includes: Hoola Bronze Powder, Hoola Lipgloss, They’re Real Benefit Mascara, Dew The Hoola Liquid Bronze and Bene Balm, all you could want in a box! 
  • Instant NE Effects, Instant Lip Plumper which increases the volume of your lips by 20% giving a fuller appearance in 2 minutes and lasts up too 4 days. Because let’s be honest, what girls doesn’t want to change one thing about themselves, mine being I’d like fuller lips! 

Then the rest of the amazing makeup items I brought were brought in Benidorm, so here we go, i brought; 

  •  L’Oréal Paris, Infallible Mega Lipgloss in the colour Mafia 104, it’s just the perfect summer colour. 
  • L’Oréal Paris, Infallible 24h Lip Colour in shade Incessant Russet 312, lip duo with hyalironic gel which acts as a primer to keep your lipstick on for hours. Such a nice burnt orange colour.
  •  L’Oréal Paris, Extreme Resist Glitter Gloss in the shade Girl On Top 101 which is a extremely pale pink . It will go amazingly over any lipstick you like! 
  • Two Rimmel London, Magnif’ Eyes, Intense Stay True Colour Long Lasting Wear. Both contain double ended eye shadows + liner.  ones golden shimmer with brown glitter liner in shade Queens Of A Bronzed Age and the other one is pale pink shimmer with dark purple line. Both equally as pigmented & beautiful. 
  • Yes Love, Bright Orange Waterline Eyeliner. The perfect true orange to make your eyes pop! 
  • Lancôme Paris, Smoothing And Glow Boosting Liquid Care which I got nicely gifted by the makeup shop I was in. 
  • Real Techniques By Sam & Nic, Dual-fibre Stippling Brush for applying your makeup with a airbrushed results. 
  • Beter Professional Makeup Thick Eyeshadow Brush which is amazing for packing on the makeup on your lids. 

Finally for makeup which I thought I’d add is; once I got home from Benidorm the left over Euros I changed into English money and saw kiko had a 70% off sale so I brought- 

  •  Two Loose Pigments In Colour 04 which was a lavender purple with shimmer and Colour 19 which was a neon orange. 
  • Kiko Mixing Solution For Loose Eyeshadow Pigments. 
  • Colour Sphere Eyeshadow In Colour 23 which is a mixture of gorgeous greens with golden glitter running through it. 
  • A Creme Crush Lasting Colour Eyeshadow In Colour 14 which is a royal blue with silver glitter running through it. 
  • Kiko Smart Lip Liner In Colour 708 which is a perfect berry purple and Colour 703 which is a dark nude / light brown.


I may have gone a little crazy with perfumes, anyone who knows me will know I do love a good perfume and I am one person who doesn’t have a particular smell as I wear so many different perfumes! I brought some amazing ones whilst away.

On the airplane in the “love to shop” magazine they had a wide variety of different perfumes so I saw the one I wanted and knew it was for me;

  • four Marc Jacobs “Daisy Collection” perfumes for an amazing price so I grabbed them. I got: 1) Sorbet 2) // 3) Eau so fresh Sorbet & 4) Eau so fresh. These are in 4ml 0.13 fl oz bottles and the collection name is- Eau De Toilette. They come in such beautiful packaging and bottles. Obsessed! 

The rest I brought in a lovely perfume shop in Benidorm; 

  •  Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo EAU De Parfum, 40ml bottle – natural spray. 
  •  I also brought two Calvin Klein perfumes – The first one is Calvin Klein One Summer which is a brand new fragrance in 100ml bottle 
  •  The second one is Calvin Klein One Shock For Her is in a 50 ml bottle. both smell incredible, I’m obsessed with them all! 
  •  Parfums Saphir For Her which was a nice free little gift from the perfume shop in Benidorm

Finally to finish this massive haul off here’s some of the amazing other bits I brought whilst in Benidorm; 

  •  Professional Urban Brush, HD Italian which is a tangle teaser, I’ve heard such brilliant reviews about I had to get them.
  •  Ale-Hop Hawaii themed “Keep Smiling” purse, I just thought this was a perfect reminder for me every time I look in my bag.
  •  Nike neon orange benassi just do it women’s sliders, these are possibly the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever brought!
  • Burgundy Nike runners which were such an amazing price there was no way we could turn them down. 
  • Michael Kors Blair Rose Gold Tone Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch, it’s just so beautiful.
  • Michael Kors Black & Pink Large CrossBody Bag which is so unique and suits my body in the wheelchair amazingly. 
  • Stainless Steel Iridescent Diamanté Bracelet, really brings out the tan on my arms and shimmers beautifully in the sun.
  •  Stainless Steel October Birthstone Pink Diamanté Bracelet, just gorgeous.
  •  Stainless Steel October Birthstone Pink Diamanté Anklet, sits perfectly on the ankle and shimmers amazingly when the sun hits it. 

I’m honestly so so grateful for all my beautiful bits i and my family brought for me, I’m incredibly lucky to have gotten the opportunity to go away and be able to buy myself some lovely bits. This was a rather long haul and I do apologise for that but I hope you enjoyed it anyway haha. 

Please leave comments below telling me; what your favourite bits you’ve brought on holiday are, if you’d like a review on any products mentioned and leave any blog post suggestions below.

I really hope your all well!

tons of love,

Elle xo 

Ps. Here are some photos of the items I’ve brought; 


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