Christmas Eve Box Ideas For All Ages| Christmas 2020!

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As if Christmas itself wasn’t already exciting enough, someone then came up with the idea of Christmas Eve boxes which is filled with smaller presents to get you prepared for the big day!

For me, Christmas Eve is just as exciting as Christmas Day. I love snuggling down in my pyjamas, face mask on and relaxing watching the soaps. I’ve always celebrated Christmas Eve with my family and it’s something that will continue for decades to come. I just love it!

That being said, I’ve never actually had a Christmas Eve box… before you feel sorry for me (*wink wink*), my mums offered to do me one but I’m strange and prefer to open all my presents Christmas Day. Don’t judge me, I’ve been like it since I was a child haha.

BUT, that being said, I have plenty of friends who do have Christmas Eve boxes so if your struggling to know what to put into your Christmas Eve boxes this year, then this post is for you! I thought I’d put a few ideas together to help any of you struggling with what to put into your child’s Christmas Eve box.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Teenagers / Adults:

Hot Chocolate:

You know when the winter is creeping in as the festive hot chocolates are put back onto the menu and everyone is plastering their hot chocolate all over social media. If you aren’t indulging in a hot chocolate in a festive themed mug, topped with whipped cream and marshmallows, with a box of shortbread next to you ready to dunk in at any given moment are you even celebrating Christmas Eve? So yes, I believe it’s mandatory that you add a sachet of hot chocolate, bag of marshmallows, tin of whipped cream and a couple of shortbread biscuits into your Christmas Eve Box!


I don’t know about you, but every single year we as a family have a pair of new matching pyjamas which are Christmas themed that we put on every Christmas Eve! I feel like it’s a tradition in most families now days so you’ve got to put a fresh pair of festive pyjamas into your Christmas Eve box, it’s a must!

Christmas DVD / Netflix / Sky

So it’s fair to say most of us have been watching Christmas films since November… am I right or am I right? So it’s only right that on Christmas Eve, you cosy down on the sofa and watch some classic Christmas films. Even though I’m 22, I still love receiving films as a present so it’s the perfect idea to go into your boxes!

Christmas Films You NEED To Watch

Cake In A Jar / Mug Cake

It was actually my best friend who gave me this idea. I think this is something completely different to give to a loved one in their Christmas Eve box. You can either buy a jar which has the cake already made OR you can buy a jar which is pre-filled with the dry ingredients (which you usually just add egg or water too) to make your own cake with, as after all who doesn’t love baking on Christmas Eve?


As I mentioned above, it isn’t Christmas Eve for me if I don’t do a couple of masks to get my skin looking and feeling it’s best! If you don’t like face masks, there are feet, hands and neck masks you can do also. I think everyone can agree with me when I say masks just have a way of making you feel relaxed, fresh and just utterly amazing. So for me, it’s a must!

My favourite masks are from:

Fluffy Socks

Who doesn’t love receiving a pair of fluffy socks?

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Children:

Christmas Eve Must-Haves For Kids

When it comes to children and Christmas Eve, I truly believe it’s the most magical time. People have created some amazing bits to bring the joy of Christmas to the little ones. For me, it was always a carrot, mince pie and milk that was left out on Christmas Eve but now days, there’s so much more you can buy children to make it even more magical. So I’ve listed a few little Christmas Eve bits below.

Children’s Books

Every night when I was little my parents use to read to me, still to this day I remember the voices my dad use to make to make the experience all the better. So I genuinely believe the night before Christmas is the best time to share Christmas stories and read them. So here’s some Christmas books for your children to enjoy.

This is everything I think should be in your Christmas Eve box this year!

Is there anything you’d put in your box that I’ve missed out? Let me know below. I love knowing what people receive on Christmas Eve/day.

Sending tons of love & hugs to you all as always,

Elle xo


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