New(ish) Skincare I’ve Been Loving!

Hello lovelies,

One of my main goals for 2020 is to keep up with a strong skincare routine to get my skin looking perfect. Who doesn’t want perfect skin?

I’ll be honest, I absolutely love skincare but I slack at keeping up with a constant routine. I suppose I’d class myself as quite lazy when it comes to my skin, then I wonder why I’m dry, flaky and have spots! so I’m making it a goal of mine to keep up with a morning and night time routine.

For Christmas, my parents brought me a ton of skincare products which have given me a good reason to get a strong skincare routine going.

As you’ll know if you’ve read my previous skincare blogposts, that the only skincare brand I’ve been using is Simple. Its been a brand which hasn’t broke me out or caused me to have awful rashes over my skin. This being said, I’ve been trialling some new skincare products (when I say trialling, it hasn’t been a couple of weeks, these products I’ve been trying for around 3 months now) from different brands and I’ve found a handful of new products which also don’t break me out so I thought I’d get sharing them with you today and give a little insight into my routines!

Revolution Skincare:

– 15% Niacinamide Serum, £10.00 | | I’ll be honest, I’ve never really believed in serums helping with blemishes. I’ve tried so many over the years yet nothing’s made a different BUT this one has changed that for me. I apply this all over my skin at nighttime and by the morning, I’ve noticed a massive difference in my blemishes. It’s reduced the look of my pores and adds moisture to the skin also. If you’ve got acne prone / pore prone skin, I’d defiantly say this is worth giving a try!

– 12.5% Vitamin C Serum, £10.00 | | if you want your skin to look radiant and glowy, then this serum will do just that. I apply this every morning to give my skin a boost and even out my skin texture!

– Targeted Under Eye Serum, £6.00 |—5pct-caffeine-hyaluronic-acid-serum/1103817.html | this under eye serum has given my under eyes the boost they needed. I’ve got really dark under eye bags (thanks illnesses for that!) so knowing this is targeted to literally brighten your under eyes, I couldn’t not try. I actually apply this at night before bed, so I dont wake up puffy, my dark circles don’t look as bad and this serum moisturises like crazy. love this!

– Overnight Targeted Blemish Lotion, £10.00 | | like I mentioned above, I never really believed these sort of products worked until I tried this one. I literally apply this right before going to bed on aggregated spots or those under the skin spots which hurt ALOT and I wake up in the morning to the spots being reduced in size OR there completely gone. Everyone needs to try this!

– Jake Jamie X Revolution Watermelon Hydrating Face Mask, £10.00 |—jamie-watermelon-hydrating-face-mask/1118644.html | I love this face-mask! It’s gives maximum hydrating back into the skin and leaves my skin feeling super soft. I usually use once or twice a week and apply for around 10 minutes, then rinse with hot water. Game changer!

Simple Skincare:

– Vitamin Foaming Cleanser, £4.95 | | this has been my go-to cleanser for a while now! I use my Foreo Luna 3 which I use to apply this cleanser and buff into the skin. This helps to get rid of dirt, germs and impurities and gives a ultra clean complexion.

– Detox Charcoal Cleansing Stick, £9.99 | | alongside the cleanser above, I use this to cleanse my T-zone. This cleanser draws out dirt, oil and impurities like a magnet! This deeply cleanses the pores and helps reduce them.

– Protect N Glow Radiance Booster SPF 30 | | this is a light weight liquid moisturiser which has properties that stop your skin getting damaged. This is very much like serum, it glides over the skin and sinks in pretty quickly. I apply this most mornings when I’m not wearing makeup to give my skin a glowy boost. I wouldn’t wear this under makeup though as i applied concealer on top of it one day and it just flaked right back off again. This is just the perfect moisturiser for those no makeup days!

L’Oreal Skincare:

– Pure Clay Glow Face Mask, £7.99 | | this has become part of my weekly routine, this mask exfoliates the skins surface to illuminate the skin without drying it out. This removes dry skin and has brighten properties to give the skin an outer glow. I do this once, possibly twice (depending how dry I am) a week!

– Smooth Sugar Coffee Face & Lip Scrub, £9.99 | | like the glow mask above, I use this once weekly to exfoliate the skin. The coffee grains within the scrub help to provide a coffee boost to the skin and works amazingly for tired skin. This literally re-energises, tones up and gives the skin a baby smooth feeling. This removes all my dry skin wakening it back up!

Clinique Skincare:

– Pep-Start Eye Cream, £24.99 | | this has quickly become my favourite eye cream. I’ve always suffered with dry under eyes yet since using this, they’ve become hydrated and plump. I use this in the morning and my under-eyes feel and look amazing.

Glamglow Skincare:

Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment, £44.00 | | I’ve actually got the travel size product but this is another product which has quickly become a favourite of mine. This replenishes and revitalises the skin giving it long-lasting moisture. If your looking for a moisturiser / hydrating treatment which is more ‘luxe’ then I’d recommend trying this!

Beauty Bay Skincare:

– Dot-A-Spot Blemish Stickers, £5.95 | | okay, these are a must have if you suffer from large, under the skin spots! These have changed the game for me, I apply them onto irritated/large under the skin spots at night and by the morning, the spot has either reduced in size or gone completely! Amazing.

Skincare Tools:

– Foreo Luna 3 Sonic Facial Cleanser, £168.95 | | If your a skincare lover like myself, this is a MUST have! This is a electric facial cleansing brush which uses sonic waves to stimulate the skin and get rid of any dirt on your skin. This removes impurities to give a ultra-clean complexion. I use this in the morning to cleanse and the same at night time. I apply my Simple Cleanser to the brush and in circular motions cleanse my skin to remove any oils, dirt and germs. I absolutely love this little device!

– Revolution Cooling Eye Roller Ball, £8.00 | | under eye care is so important when applying products under the eyes, they are delicate so when revolution came out with this eye roller ball, I had to give it a try! Not only does this apply skincare under the eyes delicately, it depuffs, cools, relieves swollen eyes and tired skin also. It’s a really handy little tool to have.

– A Face Mask Brush | this is also a must have for applying face masks! I’m someone who hates to get my fingers covered in product, so having one of these brushes makes it so much easier. It applies product evenly over your face and it’s so easy just to wash afterwards. any face mask brush will do.

That’s it for my new skincare must haves!

Has any new skincare come into your lives as of recently which you’ve fallen in love with? If so, do let me know as I’m always open to trying new things. Especially if it’s good for sensitive skin!

I hope you liked today’s blogpost and my recommendations helps you out. I’d highly recommend all these products to you! Especially if you have dry, acne prone skin.

Sending you all love & hugs as always,

Elle xo


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