Stocking Fillers For Young Girls/Women From Primark!

Hello lovelies,

So I think it’s fair to say Primark have continuously upped their game over the last few years when it comes to the products in their store!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve brought from Primark wether that be clothing, makeup, jewellery etc and I can honestly say, I’ve noticed the biggest difference over the years in the quality of their products.

For such little money your getting great quality and i think it’s fair to say, when it comes to buying stocking fillers at Christmas that’s the sort of thing your looking for! You don’t want to go mad on present prices when it comes to stocking fillers BUT you want good quality and that’s being delivered with Primark. I’d go as far to say that you can do an entire stocking, filled with little bits that anyone would be lucky and happy to have – especially young girls.

I do believe people sleep on Primark products purely because of their prices. I mean getting a top for £2, you wouldn’t go expecting great quality but that’s certainly not the case anymore. Back at the beginning when Primark first came to the high-street I’d say the quality wasn’t great but now days that’s a wrong assumption. So, that means so many of the little products which Primark now products just slip under people’s noses. I mean, their makeup is some of the best for ‘drugstore’ and I truly believe more people need to realise this.

SO that being said, today I’m here to share with you some of the amazing bargains that should go on your list for your stocking this year!


Stocking Fillers 2019:


Firstly, let’s talk makeup! Their makeup range is forever expanding and I just love going into Primark just to browse the new ranges which are forever coming out. Cheap makeup has got such a bad stigma around it and I don’t know why. With Primark, they have such low prices but their quality is amazing. I’ve brought many of makeup items from them which soon become holy grails and staples in my everyday routine. With Primark, I don’t know if youve noticed but they tend to do remakes of other brands. So when you pick an item up, you will know it’s a replica of another brands makeup item but for half the price. It’s amazing!

So before I go off into my own world of how much I like Primark makeup, let’s get into the nitty gritty:

  • Eyeshadow Palettes – prices range from £3 to £10
  • Lipkits – prices range from £3 to £4
  • Primark Diamond Range which includes a huge lipstick & lip gloss set for £10, single eyeshadows for £3 – £5, brush holder for £4, a vanity set for £18, beauty blenders for £2 and the list continues on
  • Obviously Primark has their own range of foundations, concealer, lip liners etc which usually range from around £2 to £10
  • Primark’s Glitter Bomb Range which includes brush set, eyeshadow palettes, lipstick bullets 4 piece set, lipgloss/liquid lip set etc – prices ranges from £2 to £12
  • Girls With Attitude Eyelashes – £3
  • Shelby Loves PS… Eyelashes – £5
  • Girls With Attitude Luxury Eyelashes – £5
  • Sosu X Dani Dyer Eyelashes – £6
  • Beauty Eyelashes – £4
  • Jena Frumes Loves PS… Collection which includes liquid highlighter, liquid lipsticks, lipgloss, contour kit, makeup brush sets, eye accessories set etc – ranges from £1.50 to £8

  • Skincare is one of my favourite things to receive in my stocking. There’s nothing better than opening a load of new skincare items and knowing your skin is going to feel pampered AF!

Primark have recently really upped the skincare game by not only bringing out their own range but stocking other brands also. You can find some absolute gems in their skincare isle.

  • PS… Vitamin C Collection | includes jelly cleanser £3 & a brightening serum which is also £3
  • PS… Fruity Collection | includes jelly cleanser £2 & a transforming serum which is £2
  • PS… Charcoal Cleanse & Purify Mud To Foam Cleanser – £2.50
  • PS… Moisturising Skin Oil – £2
  • Biorè Charcoal Nose Strips
  • Biorè Self Heating One Minute Mask
  • PS… Retinol, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Masks- £2
  • PS… Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask – £1.50
  • PS… Prep Perfect Hydrating Mask – 80p
  • PS… Prep Perfect Glow Mask – 80p

Primark is one of the only places I buy my jewellery from. Yes, admittedly your paying a seriously cheap price so the quality isn’t always 100% but I’ve spent a fair penny on Primark jewellery and I cannot complain. They do some staple pieces which are ‘must haves’ in any girls jewellery collection!

  • Earrings & Necklaces – range from around £1 to £8

Like jewellery, the majority of my hair accessories come from Primark. Personally, if you can get good quality products for a fair price, why wouldn’t you want to buy them? Let’s be real here girls, your always in dire need of hair clips (as I truly believe they magic into thin air. You can have 100 and in a couple of days be left with 2! It’s madness) and when you can buy them for a £1, I think your in for a win!

  • Hair Clips & Bands – range from £1 to £3
  • Headbands – range from £2 to around £5
  • Beanies – £2.50 to £4
Alongside hair accessories, Primark now hold a range of different hair products includes some of their own branded products and other brands also!

  • PS… Super Blend Shampoo In Nourishing, Colour Protect & Strengthening – £1
  • PS… Volumising Dry Shampoo – £1
  • VO5 Mega Hold Styling Gel – £1.45
  • TRESemmé Shampoo – 90p
  • Lòreal Hair Spray – £2

& the list continues on…



Let’s be real here, Primark are well known for being the best cosies! Wether that’s pyjama’s, dressing gowns, slippers, blankets etc, they just know how to do it right! So obviously, I had to include these in my stocking fillers as what person doesn’t LOVE to receive cosies for Christmas. I’m certainly one of them as I live in my cosies 99% of the time.

  • Cosy Pyjama Sets | which include fleeced long sleeve top, a pair of bottoms and socks – £14
  • Cosy Pyjama Set | which includes a fleeced hoodie and a pair of bottoms – £16
  • Sustainable Pyjama Set (Christmas themed) | which includes a three quarter length top and bottoms – £6
  • Grinch Pyjama Sets – prices range between £7 – £11
  • Super Soft Pyjama Sets – £10
  • Fleeced Dressing Gown / Robe – £11
  • Love To Lounge Slippers (boots) – £7
  • Disney, Minnie Mouse Christmas Slippers – £8
  • Movie Themed Printed Sherpa Throws – £12
  • Sherpa XL Throw – £18
Random Bits & Bobs:

I don’t know about you, but I always find weird and wonderful things in random places in Primark! They always seem to have products which you didn’t intend on buying but magically you find a need to buy them as they’ll come in handy one way or another. I genuinely think their random bits & bobs which you can buy are perfect for stocking fillers, especially their new Christmas range – it’s a must!

  • Grinch Hot Water Bottle, Eye Mask & Socks Set – £10
  • Hot Water Bottles | includes a koala bear, lamb, penguin & toy story character – £6
  • Microwaveable Gingerbread Lady Hot Water Bottle – £5
  • POP! Characters | includes Young Elsa, Young Anna, Jon Snow, Harry Porter, Dobby, Olaf and the list goes on – £4
  • Sausage Dog Stress Ball – £3
  • Unicorn Balloon Modelling Kit – £5
  • Who Am I? Game – £4
  • Mystic Ball – £4
  • Party Tower Jenga – £5
  • Stick The Nose To Rudolph Game – £4
  • Unicorn Racers – £4
  • Chilli Shot Challenge – £10
  • Global Hot Sauces – £6
  • Hot Stuff, Hot Sauce Collection – £6
  • BBQ Grilling Sampler – £6
  • Skull Hot Sauces – £10
  • Doughnut Shop Baking Kit – £7
  • Brownie Baking Kit – £7
  • Holiday Cheer Baking Kit – £7
  • Minute Mug Cakes – £7
  • Cookie Baking Kit – £7
Thats it for this years Primark Stocking Fillers!

I really hope this helped any of you who are currently stuck on what to put on your stocking/christmas list this year OR those of you who are buying stocking fillers and needed some directions on what to buy! May even be good for those of you who are doing secret Santa this year and have a set budget.

I know I’ll be putting some of the items listed above on my list for this year and buying them for friends as I truly believe you can’t go wrong with these products or just Primark in general.

Sending you all tons of love and hugs as always,

Elle xo


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