Battle Of The Highlights! 

Hello my loves, 

Highlighters have taken over the beauty world by a storm. I barely knew anything about them at the beginning of 2016 but by the end of the year I was drenching myself in highlight to the point NASA could spot me from space.

 I couldn’t live without my highlight now, it’s become a staple in my makeup routine and I couldn’t imagine my life without it if I’m honest with you. It enhances the features you want it too, it makes you glow from within and gives you that extra boost of confidence everyone wants/needs. Who wouldn’t want that? Highlighters are everything in my opinion! 

For a while now I’ve had an idea in my mind to start a series called “Battle Of The”. This is where I rank my all time favourite products for you. I’m going to do it via each makeup product and as you may have gathered, today I’m ranking my favourite highlighters for you all! I’ll rank them from 1st to 3rd – there is more than one product per rank and I can’t wait to share with you all my favs so let’s get started;

In 3rd Place Is:

  •  Firstly, The “NYX, Illuminator in Ritualistic” –  if I had to point out one problem which drops it down to third place is that it does have quite a lot of fall out when applying which I don’t really like. Despite the slight fall out when applying to the cheeks, this is a beautiful, shimmering highlighter which I use to brighten up my inner corner and highlight my browbone. If your looking for the perfect highlighter to do brighten, this will be perfect! I’m obsessed with how long it lasts too. 

  • Secondly, “Urban Decay, Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder” – this is absolutely stunning! I wouldn’t say this is really a highlight, I usually apply a highlighter then dust some of this shimmering powder over the top to get that glittery effect. It’s got quite chunky glitter so this certainly won’t be for everyone but it’s perfect for special events to give you that extra glow when them cameras are hitting you up! 

    In 2nd Place Is:

    • Firstly, “Two Faced, Sweet Peach Glow” – this palette has had its fair share of mixed reviews but I personally love mine and I’m so grateful I got my hands on one. It’s a very buildable highlighter which smells delicious, gives a glow from within and sparkles beautifully when the light hits it. You do have to use a firm brush to pick up product but I certainly wouldn’t complain about that!

    • Secondly, “Live Love, Makeup Obsessions, London, Bronze and Highlight Palette” – such a long name haha. This is a brand I don’t know much about but I’d highly recommend this palette to anyone who loves a bright highlight like myself. If you prefer a suttle glow then this isn’t for you but if you like to been seen from miles away, this is the palette you need. It’s got 6 stunning shades of shimmering highlighters which can also be used as blusher & bronzer if you like. This beams of the face beautifully in any kind of lighting and is so cheap to buy. It’s 100% worth having in your collection. I will warn you, It can be a little patchy at times but if you apply with a fan brush it looks perfect! 

      In 1st Place Is:

      • Firstly, “Sleek, Solstice Highlighting Palette” – this palette has taken over the beauty world and I can totally see why! I. Am. In. Love. It glows, reflects, is buildable, lasts all day, beams off your cheeks in the light and sits beautifully even on dry or textured skin. For a palette which is so cheap, I’d have to say it’s one of the best there is for sure. I couldn’t recommend this palette enough. It contains four beautiful highlighters, three powders and one cream, all such different colours from one another yet all look so good together. Perfection. 

      • Secondly, “Kiko, Water Eyeshadow 208” – I know what your thinking, an eyeshadow? What is she on? Yes your reading it right, this eyeshadow makes a beautiful golden highlighter which I’m obsessed with. It’s fit for a goddess! it’s got some glitter in so it may not be for everyone but my friend was wearing this one day and it was just beaming off her face so perfectly that I just knew I had to buy it for myself. It’s the perfect gold for pale skin and looks so flattering too. In love with this! 

      • Finally, “Urban Decay, Afterglow, Sin” – one of my best friends Jess kindly brought me this beauty for Christmas and I couldn’t be more appreciative. I absolutely love the glow it gives me on my cheeks. It flatters my pale skin nicely as some highlighters make me look horrific but this one makes my skin look flawless. It gives me an inner glow I’ve always wanted and it’s just perfect for someone who wants a highlighter that isn’t too glittery. Love love love! 

        And that’s it! That’s all my favourite highlighters which I own ranked. I love these highlighters all for different reasons that are so hard to explain but I’d highly recommend each and everyone of these. 

        I really hope you enjoyed today’s post. Have you got a favourite highlighter? Do you have any suggestions for me to try? Please do let me know below in the comments or on my social media, I’d love to hear from you. I’m always willing to try new ones and add more to my ever growing collection hehe! 

        May your highlight always stay on point!

        Sending you all tons of love as always, 

        Elle xo 



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          Can never have enough highlighters!
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