Eton Mess Cake Recipe!

Hello lovelies,

I know what your thinking… ‘oh god she’s back again with another bake’… and you’d be right!

Oh yes, I’ve been back in the kitchen creating this sweet treat and let me tell you, it really was a masterpiece! This isn’t no where near as complicated as it may look and it’s super quick to make.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blogpost, I love scrolling through the internet looking for inspiration on what to bake. Most the time ideas just come to me and other times i find my inspiration through other people’s recipes.

Today’s inspiration was from an incredible baker who I’ve mentioned on here before, Janes Patisserie ( On her Instagram she uploaded a picture of an Eton Mess Cake that she had made, I took one quick glance at the photo and knew I had to give it ago myself. I didn’t actually follow Janes recipe, I just took inspiration from it and let me tell you, it came out better than I expected. It certainly doesn’t disappointed!

If you’d like to get baking this cake yourself, the recipe is below;

Ingredients You Need For Cake

  • 8oz Of Butter, Room Temperature
  • 8oz Of Caster Sugar
  • 4 Large Eggs, Beaten
  • 8oz Of Self Raising Flour
  • 2tsp Of Vanilla Essence

Ingredients You Need For Filling / Topping

  • 500mls Of Double Cream
  • 100g Of Icing Sugar
  • 2 Punnets Of Large Strawberries
  • 4 Meringue Nests

How To Make Cake:

  • Firstly, gather together all your ingredients & equipment, line two circle baking tins with parchment paper and preheat your oven to 160F / 180C / Gas Mark 3.
  • Secondly, in a large bowl cream together the 8oz of butter and 8oz of caster sugar until it’s turned lighter in colour and fluffy.
  • In a cup, beat together the 4 large eggs, once beaten, pour the eggs slowly into the large bowl and mix together.
  • Next, fold in the 8oz of self raising flour until fully combined.
  • Add in the 2tsp of vanilla essence and mix in.
  • Now your cakes have been made, spoon the cake mixture into the two lined tins as equally as possible and place into the oven.
  • These should roughly take 25-30 minutes to bake, it should come out golden brown and a skewer placed in the middle should come out clean.
  • Once the cakes are cooked through, leave in the tins to cool before turning out and placing on a wire rack to cool further.

How To Make The Filling / Topping:

  • Now it’s time to make the filling and topping.
  • In a large bowl, add the 500mls of double cream and 100g of icing sugar and whip with an electric whisk (can be done by hand whisk, will just take longer). TIP: don’t over whisk the cream as it will curdle and separate.
  • Next, half the whip cream into two separate bowls placing half of the whipped cream in another bowl for the topping later.
  • Now, chop up one punnet of the large strawberries into small pieces and place the chopped strawberries into one of the bowls with whipped cream.
  • Crumble up 3 of the meringue nests and add to the bowl with the strawberries and whipped cream and mix together.
  • Spread 3 or 4 tablespoons of jam across the top of the bottom sponge and then spread the whipped cream which has the strawberries and meringue across the top of the jam.
  • Place the other sponge ontop.
  • The other half of the whipped cream which was left aside, spread that across the top of the top sponge.
  • With the other punnet of strawberries, slice them in half and add around the top of the cake and sprinkle crumbs of the remaining meringue nest over the cake.

That’s your Eton Mess Cake prepared, baked and decorated ready for you to enjoy!

How good does this look though? It totally surprised me how good this cake actually came out and how well it went down. I didn’t know if it was going to be too heavy and sickly but actually the freshness of the strawberries makes it light and fluffy.

Have you been baking during this lockdown? if you have, let me know what you’ve been baking, I always love hearing other people find love through baking and food.

Sending tons of love and hugs to you all as always,

Elle xo


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