New Makeup Finds – P.2!

Hello lovelies,

In March, I wrote a blogpost all about my newest makeup finds that have blown me away and since then I’ve continued to find more products, so of course I had to do a part two for you all.

Throughout the last few months, I may or may not have done a little makeup shopping and by that I mean ALOT! See I have this motto in life, “you can’t take it with you so spend it while your alive” and i save up, when I can so why shouldn’t I spend it on my favourite hobbie/passion? Especially, when I can come back and share all my recent buys and thoughts on the products I brought with you guys afterwards. It’s a win, win situation, right?

So as I may have mentioned in the last blogpost about my recent makeup finds (, I did make a pact that I’d only buy makeup that was on my “wish list”, therefore I’m trying to stick to that. I may not be doing the best job at sticking to it directly but I am trying… okay? Therefore, I thought I’d share with you today some of the products which have swept me off my feet and I can tick off my list. Some of these are from BeautyBay, DutyFree and everything in between so get your drinks & treats ready as your in for a long read today;

New Makeup Finds Haul;

  • Urban Decay, All Nighter, Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray; id go as far as saying this is the number one setting spray worldwide, there’s not many makeup junkies who don’t know about how amazing Urban Decays Setting Sprays are. Why it’s taken me this long to get one I don’t know but now I have, my makeup doesn’t budge from my face all day and that’s saying something for me as unfortunately I’m a very sweaty person. It’s oil-free and even has temperature control technology which helps to lower the temperature of your makeup to adapt it to any weather condition. It goes onto your skin so lightly and the mist is so fine that it doesn’t leave massive wet patches all over your face (massive YASS from me). Also, for those of you who are concerned, this spray is vegan. Only costs £24, uh-mazing right?!

Urban Decay:


  • YSL (Yves Saint Laurent), Touche Éclat, Highlight And Conceal; this is actually known as the UK’s number one luxury face and makeup product, so of course I had to give it a try myself. I’ve never really brought anything from a highend brand like this before so I did my research beforehand. This defiantly isn’t a full coverage Concealer, but it brightens/highlights my dark undereyes. It does also double-up as a highlighter which I have used in the area’s you’d also put concealer to brighten (nose, chin and forehead) and it looks very luminous and fresh. This can be used on top of makeup or beneath, I personally have found beneath to look prettiest. There’s a range of 12 different skin toned colours, I must say it’s not a big range but this product is only to brighten the skin so maybe you can find an in between colour if your struggling. This has 2.5ml of product in, if you was wondering. Costs £25.50.



  • Tarte, Shape Tape, Fair; i think everyone and their nan knows about this concealer, it’s America’s number 1. The coverage and blend-ability of this concealer is one of the best I’ve tried. It covers every little imperfection, darkness and redness on my face and it also doubles up as a highlighter (to highlight your chin, nose, undereyes and forehead). I genuinely have struggled for months to find the perfect concealer which illuminates my face yet is long lasting, has an easy-to-blend creamy formula which doesn’t crease into my fine lines (especially under my eyes) and isn’t drying, Shape Tape has all those qualities & more. There’s 25 concealer shades overall, ranging from “fair to espresso”, a shade for every skin tone! I’ve wanted this concealer for months now and I can truly say it was worth the wait, I’d highly recommend if your looking for a high coverage concealer. Shape Tape costs £22.
  • Tarte:
  • QVC UK:
    • Maybelline, Instant Anti-Age Foundation, Sand; I don’t believe this foundation is sold in the UK at the moment, I actually brought this in Benidorm but I know you can purchase it on Amazon. Anyway, this foundation is to go alongside the incredible “Age Rewind Concealer” which is one of Maybelline biggest sellers. This foundation is perfect for those of you who like me don’t want it to crease, to settle into any fine lines and covers imperfections. It leaves your skin looking flawless and smooth. This foundation also has SPF 18 (sunscreen) which means it will help protect skin against sun damage, personally this is something which is SO important so this is an added bonus. Instant Anti-Age Foundation costs £10.95.
  • Amazon:
  • Maybelline:
    • Manny MUA, Lunar Beauty, Life’s A Drag Palette; I have genuinely been so damn excited for this palette to be realised that I brought this palette as soon as I got the email saying it’s awaiting to come home to me. For those of you who don’t know, this palette is YouTube sensation Manny MUA’s pride and joy, he created Lunar Beauty off his own back (with only his parents working/helping him). This eyeshadow palette contains neutral and colourful shades which are so incredibly pigmented and they blend effortlessly. It’s completely cruelty free and honestly, you won’t regret buying this beauty! Life’s A Drag costs £37.00
  • Beauty Bay:
  • Lunar Beauty:
    • NARS, Power Matte Lip Pigment, Save The Queen; this is another brand I’ve never brought from, but I’ve always wanted to try. Therefore, whilst going through duty free, I made a little pit stop at their counter. NARS has always been known for their high-quality, long-lasting products so I knew my first buy was always going to be a good one. This lipstick is their new generation, matte lip colour which is unbelievably pigmented and has smooth coverage. It applies like a lip-stain and dries down within seconds to a matte, smudge proof finish which is perfect for those date nights *wink wink*. There’s 13 shades to this range and if your a lipstick collector, then check these out as their so worth it. Lipstick costs £23.00
  • NARS:
  • Look Fantastic:
    • Ardell, Deluxe Pack, Wispies; Ardell have been one of the biggest eyelash brands since I can remember. They’ve been talked about for years so I thought it was only right to try out their most famous pair, “Ardell Wispies”. This pack actually comes with everything you need to apply your lashes; duo eyelash adhesive and a lash applicator tool, so for those beginners this is amazing! Wispies have an invisible band which is possibly one of my favourite things about them, plus their super “natural looking” so they flatter every makeup look. Deluxe Pack Of Wispies cost £8.95.
  • Beauty Bay:
  • Ardell:
  • New Makeup Finds Haul, Benefit;

    • Goof Proof Brow Pencil, Shade 3; Benefit is known globally for their brow products, so trying one of their award winning products was a given. This product has honestly changed my perception on brow pencils – it doesn’t apply harshly as the pigmentation is soft and it has a glide on formula for easy & fast brow filling. This brow pencil has a custom, non sharpen (bonus) “goof proof” tip which is at a slight slant which helps you mimic brow hairs easily. One massive plus about this pencil is that it’s long lasting and keeps your brows looking “on point” all day. Benefit has 8 colours to this range, each will suit every skin tone. Goof Proof Brow Pencil costs £20.50.
  • Benefit:
  • Feel Unique:
    • Foolproof Brow Powder, Shade 3; powders are something I’ve always gone for when it comes to my brows as I feel it gives a softer look, so when I saw Benefit done this product, I knew I had to give it a try. I really like the fact it goes from light-to-dark to mimic the gradual look of natural brows and the eyebrow shape pan also makes it easier to apply. It defiantly is more for those who want a natural brow rather than a “harsher” looking brow so to say, nevertheless, it blends beautifully and seamlessly. One thing I don’t really agree with, is the fact it only has 3 colours in its range as it may mean not everyone has a colour to suit them. Foolproof Brow Powder costs £20.50
  • Benefit:
  • Look Fantastic:
    • 24 Hour Brow Setter; this is a product I couldn’t be without, it’s my ride or die and quite honestly I think everyone should have this in their makeup bags. It literally locks your brows in place all day and they won’t go pulling no disappearing act! This brow setter has a custom-moulded, dual-sided wand which coats each hair from root to tip, from bottom to top and has an invisible finish. It’s a flake-free formula which gives a flawless finish, has a very strong hold and drys down quickly. Brow Setter costs £20.50.
  • Benefit:
  • Look Fantastic:
    • The Complexionista Palette; It wasn’t until the benefit counter in duty free caught my eye that I knew this palette actually existed, although it is limited edition so that may be why. Anyways, this complexion and contour palette includes 5 shades which will brighten, contour and make your face glow. this palette includes; “Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer (in shade 1 and 2)” which will help cover any imperfections, “Hoola Lite & Hoola Bronze” which will warm up your complexion and chisel out those cheek bones, “Dandelion Twinkle Nude Pink Powder Highlighter & Luminizer” which is the perfect pink that brightens your cheeks giving you a youthful appearance and finally “Watt’s Up” a shimmering cream-to-powder highlighter that applies beautifully onto the skin, it’s not chunky nor does it have glitter in it therefore it glimmers on the skin nicely. The Complexion Palette costs £26.50.
  • Benefit:
  • Look Fantastic:
  • we’ve finally reached the end of my newest makeup finds, I’ll admit there was a fair few products this time but each one I’d highly recommend to each of you reading this.
  • As this is the second blogpost I’ve done for my newest finds, I feel like this should be a series that I’ll continue to do every few months when/if I buy more makeup (which we all know will happen as I just can’t help myself). It’s like lots of mini reviews in one post so if your a makeup junkie like myself, you’ll appreciate/like posts like this!
  • I really hope you enjoyed today’s post and maybe this helped you decide wether to buy one of these products if they’ve been on your own “wish list” for a while. I find reading others opinions on products first always helps me to decide wether to buy a product or not. Let me know in the comments below or on my socials if you have any of these products yourself and what your thoughts are as I’d love to know!
  • Sending you all tons of love and hugs as always,
  • Elle xo
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