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Around the 21st of June last year Kim Kardashian released her makeup line which become one of the best selling makeup brands after selling out within minutes!

What with Kim being the contour queen, she released creme contour and highlighting kits which have continued to sell out in record selling times after each restock. As a makeup lover, obviously I wanted to get my hands on the KKW Beauty Collection but what with shipping fee’s plus import charges I wasn’t willing to pay the price. So when I saw Primark selling the “Nudes Collection”, I knew had to buy some of the products to review for those of you makeup addicts who are in the same boat as me.

Ps… Nudes Collection is known as a dupe for KKW Beauty yet it’s much cheaper in price, #bonus. This is a 15 piece collection which offers “no-filter flawlessness” that includes; eye palettes, contour duos, highlighters, lipkits, nail polishes, shimmer dusts and multi-purpose sticks. This is made to suit every complexion and age range!

With such an extensive range, I thought what better to do than review the Nudes Collection for those of you who are either; wanting to buy it but aren’t sure, are on a budget or just want to know others thoughts on the collection? Although, not only am I reviewing these items, I thought I’d compare there prices to the KKW Beauty Range also so you can get a clear idea on everything.

  • Metallic Cream Eye Shadow £2.00

These eyeshadows are unbelievably creamy – when applying to the skin they glide on like a dream. Although, I did notice when applying to my skin, they applied a little patchy in some areas therefore you have to build up the cream eyeshadow OR pack a different eyeshadow over the top to blend out the patchiness. The cream eyeshadow I’ve got has got a fair amount of pigmented but it isn’t what I’d call “amazing”, though as I’ve mentioned above, it’s buildable as it’s not a thick formula so it won’t become a heavy, dry and creased mess so you can build it to the pigment you want. For £2 you can’t complain.

  • Matte Cream Eye Shadow £2.00

As I’ve mentioned above, the matte cream eyeshadows are no different to the metallic cream eyeshadows accept I found the matte shadows to be more pigmented. When applying to the skin, the matte shadow’s are smooth, unbelievably creamy and have a much better pigmentation. Which for £2, you can’t go wrong!

  • Double End Blend And Contour Brush £3.00 KKW Beauty Concealer Brush II €18

This brush is honestly much better quality than I ever expected, especially for £3.00. Compared to Kim’s concealer brush, this doubled ended blend & contour brush is twice the size, yet you have good control whilst using it and because it’s larger in size, it blends your makeup out that little bit quicker (well in my opinion anyway). Obviously as I’ve mentioned, I don’t have Kim’s products but from watching endless reviews etc, many influencers have mentioned that the blender on one end of her brush is quite dense therefore hard to use, whereas the blender on the end of the primark brush is very soft and blends out concealer/foundation etc out easily.

  • 2PK Blending Sponge £2.00

Blending sponges are a must have in a makeup collection in my opinion as they blend out any liquids amazingly. So when I saw primark had added these to their range, of course I was going to give them a try and compare them to my Real Techniques blender. Paying £2 for a blending sponge you don’t expect them to be the best quality do you? Which I’ll be honest there not as good as my Real Techniques one but there a close second! These sponges aren’t dense which is something I always look for in a beauty blender, they blend my makeup out quickly and it doesn’t soak in all the excess. if your looking for a cheap alternative to your beauty blenders then I’d recommend giving these a go!

  • Matte & Gloss Collection £6.00 KKW Creme Liquid Lipstick Collection €45

This is the product which drew me into buying this collection in the first place. The lipsticks. The packaging and the layout of the lipsticks are almost identical to Kim’s herself (which are gorgeous) which I was shocked about when I saw them. But, damn, are these lipsticks & glosses pig-men-ted! I was expecting them to apply patchy, be drying and even come out a totally different colour to what they described but I was totally wrong. Both lipsticks & glosses applied beautifully when swatching, you can feel that even though they’re matte that they’ve got that creamy formula to them to keep your lips moisturised and the pigmentation is amazing for only £6. The only thing I will “nit pick on” is that the glitter gloss does have that chunky glitter feeling when applying so it may be a little more uncomfortable than the others. When you compare these to Kim’s €45 lip collection, when their probably isn’t much of a difference accept her’s are all lipsticks whereas this has two glosses & two lipsticks, it’s not a bad price.

  • Highlight & Contour Kit £6.00 Creme Contour & Highlight Kit €48

Let’s be honest, Kim is known for being the queen of contour and highlighting so I really wanted to try her kits out, but as I mentioned above it wasn’t an option so when I saw this highlight & contour kit from primark, I was pretty stoked. This kit contains two beautiful highlight shades, one which is a shimmery Champaign colour to highlight those cheek bones of yours and a matte banana colour to highlight under your eyes to highlight/brighten them. A cool toned contour shade to chizzle those cheeks and a bronzer shade to made you look sun kissed. Finally, a brow highlighter. All of which are £6, you can’t go wrong? There all cream shades with incredible pigmentation, they glide onto the skin and blend out like a dream. I haven’t noticed them to go patchy on me either which is a bonus. The only thing I have noticed is the two Champaign highlighters can look chunky if you add too much onto the skin, apart from that, they look radiant.

That’s the last of today’s review and comparisons!

if you read this far, you deserve a medal as damn today’s post is a long one BUT I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading and it’s helped you make a decision on what to buy from the collection (if your planning too, that is).

Let me know in the comments below or on my social media’s if you have any of the products from either of the collections as I’d love to know what you think of them yourself. Or, if this post has given you that inspiration to buy any, let me know what products as I do love knowing what people love when it comes to makeup!

Sending tons of love & hugs as always,

Elle xo



    • ellegracedeveson
      April 20, 2018 / 7:23 pm

      This collection is SO good! considering it’s so cheap, you can’t go wrong🙌🏽💗

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