The Furry Friend Tag! 

Hello my lovelies, 

today I wanted to do a different kind of tag, a tag away from beauty and a tag away from myself – this time I wanted to introduce to you my bestest friend, my sister and my baby, my dog Gypsy.  

I don’t feel as though I’ve ever really spoke about Gypsy properly to you all which is why I’m doing this tag today. She is such a huge part of my life and we absolutely love her to pieces and I know for a fact you guys will fall in love with her too after reading this so let’s get started; 

Q1) What Is Your Animals Full Name? 

A1) Gypsy Rose Lee Deveson 

Q2) How Long Have You Had Your Pet? 

A2) we got Gypsy when she was 6 weeks old, in 2004

Q3) How Old Is Your Pet? 

A3) She is currently 13 years old, 14 on July 10th. 

Q4) What Are Some Quirky Aspects Of Your Pets Personality?


  • considering Gypsy is nearly 14 years of age, you’d think she’d be old, her legs would be collapsing beneath her and she’d be sleeping all the time right? Well not our girl, you’d genuinely think she was a spring lamb. She absolutely loves to run around the house multiple times a day, running laps around our coffee table and jumping up at people to stroke her bald belly. She’s the definition of a nutter, naturally she’s unable to sit for more then five minutes, she can jump for England and she’s an absolute crank overall. 
  • She loves to play, especially with one toy in particular… her bone. We brought her a bone when she was around 4 years old, it’s the ONLY toy she has never fully destroyed and she adores it. She never allows this bone out her site, it’s always hanging out her mouth or she’s hiding it under her paw so no one can grab it. She’s got the funniest side to her when it comes to this bone, she gets so sassy if anyone goes to touch or play with it. She will nudge your hand with the bone as if for you to play but as soon as you go to grab it off her, she runs away, it’s the cutest thing. 
  • She’s got this pet hate (no pun intended) where she can’t be pointed at, so if you tell her off for doing something and point directly at her, she will playfully start growlling at your finger, start barking then she slowly creep towards you and start spinning on the spot for at least 5 minutes really, really fast and just won’t stop, it’s absolutely hilarious – it has us in stitches. 

Q5) How Did You Recieve Your Pet? 

A5) myself and my mum were sitting in the front room one evening watching the soaps and my dad walks in claiming he had a surprise. He asked us to close our eyes and places a puppy in our hands. We had actually gone to see this litter prior as they were my dads friends but we had no idea he’d bring one home for us, it was quite the surprise. 

Q6) What Type Of Breed Is Your Pet?

A6) a beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terrier, accept ours has got an extremely small head – you may have noticed haha! 

Q7) What Type Of Connection Do You Have With Your Pet?

A7) she is my everything, I couldn’t imagine my life without her. There are times when she drives me absolutely insane but I wouldn’t change her, her personality or her strange looks for the world. We’ve always as a family had such a close connection with Gypsy, she’s been with us for 14 years and thats many years of memories we’ve made with her. I’ve grown up loving her and having her as my best friend, she knows when I’m at my worst with my illnesses as she sits with me and licks me to death, she will lay with me for hours on my blanket and although naturally she’s quite heavy handed as she’s so playful, she’s can be so light with me as she knows I’m in pain. Our connection is unbreakable. 

Q8) What Is Your Favourite Past Time With Your Pet?

A8) we’ve built so many memories with Gypsy over the years it’s hard to pick one to be my favourite. Although, one of my all time favourites has to be that as a puppy she would run under the coffee table with her head rubbing the sides and she would do this so many times a day that she is now completely bald on the top of her head and has been her entire life. I’m sure she found it relaxing the little nutter! 

Q9) What Are Some Of Your Pets Nicknames? 

A9) Gyppo, Gyps, Rose, Fatty, Gyppy – Gypsy genuinely answers to any name you call her though, bless her.

Q10) What’s 10 Thing You Love About Your Pet?

A10) I literally love everything about her, but here’s just 10 things;

  1. I absolutely love her bald belly, she’s never ever had any hair grow on her stomach since the day she was born, its the cutest thing.
  2. I love that she’s so sneaky; at night she has a sleeping bag to sleep on, ontop of the duvet on the bed (as Gypsy has a bad B.O smell about her) and when it’s all dark, she will sneak up the sleeping bag onto the duvet and sleep on my dads pillow with him. 
  3. I love that she has her funny 5 minutes all the time that make us all laugh, especially me laugh even on the days I don’t feel like laughing. 
  4. I love that she’s so hardcore, nothing phases her. She’s so clumsy yet she never ever complains of pain. 
  5. I love that she loves everyone, she’s not one of these unpredictable animals, she adores everyone she meets and will lick you to death. 
  6. I love that she’s got so many different aspects to her personality, she’s sassy, sneaky, funny, kind, loving and so much more. 
  7. I love that she’s always so happy to see you, no matter how long she hasn’t seen you for, when she sees you again she’ll be overjoyed. 
  8. I love that she’s so unique looking and isn’t your typical staffy. 
  9. I love that she’s so good to play flight with, she fully hits you back. One day I’ll catch it on camera and show you guys that I’ve got a dog that fully smacks people hahahaha. 
  10. And finally, I love that she’s my best friend and she loves me for me. 

I am the luckiest girl alive to have this precious nutter to call MY Gypsy, she may drive me mad (most of the time) but she’s one in a million and so special. She certainly is my best friend and I throughly enjoyed writing all about her today for you all.

I really hope you enjoyed today’s blogpost and getting to know my beautiful old girl, I know for a fact if you met her yourself you’d fall in love her, she’s one of a kind for sure. I also wanted to mention that I have got a pet tortoise, she’s got a quirky personality with a slight hint of stubbornness but I honestly don’t think I could answer all these questions about her. She’s called Bonnie, she’s over 100 years old and was found walking across a bomb site during the First World War, amazing right? I bet she could tell a few stories. Although, Bonnie does tend to bully Gypsy – Gyps is petrified of the tortoise which really doesn’t do anything for her street cred. 

Have you got a pet? If so defiantly give this tag a go and tag me in it, I’d love to hear your answers and get to know your furry friends/animals! 

“Dogs Really Are A Mans BestFriend”.

Sending you all tons of love as always, 

Elle xo



  1. March 15, 2017 / 8:33 pm

    Ah so adorable! I loved this post,I have 2 dogs called chaz & rossa 🙈💕

  2. March 15, 2017 / 9:12 pm

    SHE IS SO CUTE OMG!! i love this tag ugh animals are my fave like why are they cuter and better than people? I love this post, super adorable awe x

    sami |

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