Happy Pancake Day! 

Hello my loves, how are you all? 

My mum is the absolute pro at making pancakes, every single year she makes them and every single year they taste better and better. This year, seen as I’m loving cooking so much I’ve taken up the task of making pancakes for my parents. 

 As I was looking through Tanya Burr’s Cook Book (Tanya Bakes) which I’ve talked about recently in another cooking blogpost, I found her recipe for French Style Pancakes which we are huge fans of in our house. So I decided to mix my mums recipe and Tanya’s recipe together and hope the result tastes yummy and lives up to my parents expectations. Here’s how I did these beauties; 

Ingredients For Pancakes: 

  • 100g / 3oz of plain flour 
  • 2 eggs 
  • 250mls of semi skimmed / full fat milk
  • Knob of butter (plus extra for frying) 

How To Make Pancakes: 

  • Firstly, gather together all your ingredients and equipment, ready to start. 
  • Secondly, place two large eggs and the semi skimmed milk in a large bowl and whisk together until fully mixed.
  • Once youve whisked them together, add in the 3oz of plain flour and whisk until you have a smooth and very runny batter. 
  • Put a pan on high heat and melt a big knob of butter, once melted pour into your better mixture and stir through. Reintroduce a little more melted butter into the pan each time you pour one ladle of batter in, and use the ladle to spread evenly. 
  • Next, fry for 2 minutes, then flip over to cook the other side. Repeat the process, keeping the cooked pancakes in a warmed oven. 

Ideas For Toppings: 

  • For the classic pancake, serve sprinkled with sugar and freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • If your a fruit lover, add strawberry sauce and pile with defrosted berries.
  • Simple and plain, serve with butter and sprinkled with sugar. 
  • A bannoffee pie fanatic. Add chopped banana, whipped cream and serve with drizzled toffee sauce. 
  • A chocolate lover, drizzle with milk chocolate & white chocolate and cover in chocolate sprinkles.
  • You can add cinnamon into your pancake by making a cinnamon syrup and spiralling it into the pancake batter. 

And that’s it, that’s how I made these lovely French Pancakes.

I really hope you all had a lovely Pancakes day or week, however your celebrating. I hope all your pancakes were tasty and you ate as many as your stomach could possibly bare. 

If you do give my recipe a go, please let me know on my social media accounts or below what you thought, I’d love to hear your feedback. I’ve had so many good results on previous Bakes which I’m delighted about. I’ve got so many planned for the future that I know you’ll love!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Happy Pancake Day Everyone. 

Sending tons of love as always, 

Elle xo 


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